Whistle Welcomes Paul Riaikkenen! – Whistle Design Group
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Whistle Welcomes Paul Riaikkenen!

Big welcome to our newest team member, Paul Riaikkenen. Paul joined us in November as a Product Design Engineer, bringing 8 years of solid experience in product development and industrial design to the team. Paul has worked across various industries including automotive, medical/pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Outside of design, Paul is a keen cyclist and Whiskey connoisseur, and with a quick wit, brings a fresh energy to the team!

Paul Connor

An industrial designer with 14 years’ experience, working across a broad range of industries, from consumer product, food packaging, graphic and branding, to power tool and hardware. Paul has worked on a number of projects requiring full end-to-end design solutions allowing him to develop broad experience in balancing client-requirements with realistic deliverable results. With extensive travel experience to China and Europe, Paul has developed a large network of partners to collaborate with on these types of projects.