PORTFOLIO – Product Development & Industrial Design Melbourne
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Here’s a deeper look into some of our released projects. Due to the confidential nature of our projects currently in development, you’ll have to check back in a year or two to see what we’re currently working on!

KT360 Injury Prevention Platform.

Platform development with Kangatech.

Hand Tool Range.

Range and identity development for Topbuilt Ltd.

S15 Signature Series.

Visualisation of new range for Whatmough Audio.

Custom Tender Boxes.

Design and build with AKD for ATT.

Vacuum Pump Refresh.

Engineering re-development with Javac.

636 St Kilda Rd Plinth.

Signage plinth design for 151 Property.

Transformer Workbench.

Design and engineering for Batavia GmbH.

Precision Mini Plunge Saw.

Development with Westfalia GmbH.

Mini-saw Design.

Design and identity development for Batavia GmbH.

Hammer Design Concept.

Conceptual Development.

3-in-1 Heatgun Innovation.

Development with Batavia GmbH.

Flaschell Packaging and Branding.

Development for Demain International Pty Ltd.