Month of Mini-saw Madness!
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Month of Mini Saw Madness!

Recently, we’ve seen the market release of two mini saw models from Whistle clients. Naturally, at Whistle this has sent us into an excited state of hysterical mini-saw madness! Yes, we are all running around crazily with mini-saws cutting through decorative veneers, plaster walls, sheets of mdf and anything else we can find that is less than 26mm thick. In fact, it’s quite dangerous. Should you wish to visit our office for consultation we recommend that you wait until January, when we will return to a standard month of delivering professional product development services.

In all seriousness though, we would like to congratulate both Batavia and Westfalia on the release of their respective mini-circular saw models.

See the Batavia Mini Saw and Westfalia Mini Plunge Saw in our Portfolio for more images and information on these great products.

Paul Connor

An industrial designer with 14 years’ experience, working across a broad range of industries, from consumer product, food packaging, graphic and branding, to power tool and hardware. Paul has worked on a number of projects requiring full end-to-end design solutions allowing him to develop broad experience in balancing client-requirements with realistic deliverable results. With extensive travel experience to China and Europe, Paul has developed a large network of partners to collaborate with on these types of projects.