Whistle welcomes Danielle Boyd! – Whistle Design Group
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Whistle welcomes Danielle Boyd!

Belated lockdown welcome to our newest team member, Danielle (Dee) Boyd. Dee joined us in February, 2020, as a Junior Industrial Designer. With experience in both Graphic and Industrial Design projects, Dee brings a vibrant energy to the team, with her sidekick kitty Patricia always by her side. Dee was only in the studio for a few weeks too before Melbourne’s Covid lockdown started in March, so we very much look forward to having her back in the studio one day when we all return!

Paul Miller

An industrial designer with 14 years’ experience, working across a broad range of industries, from consumer product, sport, graphic and packaging, to power tool and hardware. Paul has worked on a number of projects requiring creative, in-depth engineering design solutions to achieve clients desired outcomes. With extensive travel experience to China, Paul is well suited to these types of project.