Whistle Welcomes Paul Riaikkenen!

Big welcome to our newest team member, Paul Riaikkenen. Paul joined us in November as a Product Design Engineer, bringing 8 years of solid experience in product development and industrial design to the team. Paul has worked across various industries including automotive, medical/pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Outside of design, Paul is a keen cyclist and Whiskey connoisseur, and with a quick wit, brings a fresh energy to the team!

Paul Connor

A proud co-founder of Whistle Design Group, Paul lives for the challenge of reinvigorating brands and product lines through the development of new and innovative products. With his many years of experience as an entrepreneur, industrial designer and mechanical engineer, Paul has developed a unique and broad skillset. He has a deep understanding of the many technical and commercial challenges faced during new product development. He is passionate about sharing his experience with staff and clients to help them achieve brilliant results.