Whistle Welcomes Beau Williams!

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Beau.

Beau graduated from Industrial Design in 2017 and began his professional journey at an automotive studio as a co-operative intern. He continued to develop his skills as a contracted creative designer, before moving into product design for a local furniture and shelving manufacturer.

His design interest began at an early age. Growing up, he was always drawing and wanting to learn about new technologies and machines. This passion evolved when he realised he wanted to pursue design as a full-time career.

Beau is an avid sports enthusiast who loves snowboarding in the winter months, and riding his bike in the summer. His other interests include coffee and making concept art.

We are delighted to have Beau on board and seeing him expand on his impressive skill set here at Whistle. Congratulations to Beau on becoming a part of our quickly growing team.