Whistle Studio welcomes Makerbot 3D PRINTER!

3D Printing Melbourne - Makerbot

We are happy to announce the arrival our newest family member, The Makerbot 5th Gen 3D Printer!

Weighing in at 16 KG [35.3 LBS], 52.8cm (20.8″) Long.

All are doing well.

Love, the Whistle family 🙂

Serious hat on… Prototyping is still such an important part of the product development process. With the heavy onset of digital tools in our industry, nothing yet has come close to putting a real, tactile object into a client’s hands to evaluate form, size, function and tactility. It’s such a critical part of the process of making a good product into a great one. We cannot speak highly enough of the importance of ergonomic evaluation throughout the design process. It’s one of the cornerstone fundamentals of “user-centric” design and its amazing how often it is overlooked, and products make it onto shelves with comfortable handles or weird proportions.

Bringing a 3D Printer in house allows us to churn out parts and form studies in hours, where we previously had to wait days to have parts made externally. This is such a great advantage in our design process and is one of those little things that helps get great products to market fast. We’ve already been running the machine pretty much non-stop 24/7. Lets be honest, they’re not all client parts, there’s a few little “test” prints in there too, toys, letters, gears, a “bat” symbol… this could get expensive!

For those curious folks, we settled on one of the newest Makerbot 5th Gen 3D Printers, which is a filament extrusion type machine (or FDM, fused deposition moulding). This type of machine layers up PLA 0.1mm at a time to make the parts. Oh, and PLA (Polylactic Acid) is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane, which is a renewable source and biodegradable!

You can read up more on these latest new machines here https://www.makerbot.com 

Lucas Lastman

An industrial designer with 15 years’ experience, working across a broad range of industries, from automotive, to consumer product, retail and packaging, to power tool and hardware. Lucas enjoys working directly with clients to facilitate the solution process and tackle challenges early on in the process.