Weedkiller Heat Gun

New Weedkiller Heat Gun by Batavia

Our latest collaboration with Batavia was a great chance to push the boundaries of the traditional heat gun category. We designed the innovative new Maxxheat Weedkiller Heat Gun – an environmentally friendly, safe and affordable alternative for weed control. With a unique rotating handle allowing use in both pistol and stick orientations, and a telescopic extension pole – the product offers a range of possibilities to the user.

Whistle worked with the team to further develop the function and external design aesthetic, taking into account the unique nature of the product. We placed focus on ease of operation, developing ergonomic controls in all orientations, and advancing the Batavia design language.

The result is a first-of-its-kind product that pushes the category and provides competitive advantage for Batavia. Congratulations to Batavia on the wonderful new product addition of the Maxxheat Weedkiller Heat Gun.

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