The Benefits of Partnering With a Fully-Resourced Product Design Team

Instantly scale your development capacity, build intellectual property rapidly and maintain your competitive edge.

Product development is a team sport. Designing, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing and marketing your product will require input and guidance from many people. Of course with you in control, but there will be times when you must rely on the advice of those around you. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a team of experts ready to go when you needed it?

Not all organisations and start-ups have the time, budget or expertise to build their own product design team from scratch. Nor do they wish to keep a full development team on the books after the product has been successfully launched.

Here’s where it makes sense to leverage the skills, resources and experience within an existing product design team. Product design and development consultancies exist around the world for this purpose. The best consultancies have built exceptional, multi-disciplinary design teams, so you don’t have to! They are fully resourced, experienced, effective collaborators and importantly….they are ready to go.

By choosing to partner with a fully-resourced product design team, you are able to:

  • Instantly scale your product development capacity
  • Access an entire team of product development professionals, not just one individual.
  • Access all the in-house resources available. From 3D printers to computer simulation and more.
  • Gain peace of mind with an expert team on your side, taking your product from concept to launch.

Where does your business need this type of expertise?

Whether you’re a senior product manager, or fully funded start-up, here are some examples of how your business can leverage the expertise of a fully-resourced product design team:

  • You want to bring more innovation to your marketplace with a product that complements your brand and current portfolio. You may have a large range of products but looking to fill a gap or develop a hero product to help you develop a competitive edge. Even if you have a product design team, a different set of eyes and skills can help open the door to product directions and ideas you hadn’t thought of.

  • You have to fast track a product to market. Product development is a journey of many cycles, each stage is shaping and refining. Sometimes however, you need to go to market quickly. Having a relationship in place with a product design team who will guide you, helping you make practical decisions along the way, will save you headaches and unnecessary expense down the track.

  • You want to maintain a competitive edge with an increasing number of contenders entering your marketplace. Competition can come at you quickly with less barriers to entering your market than you have. You need to be able to respond quickly if your market is threatened. A design team will support you to remain responsive and nimble by challenging your thinking and bringing new ideas to consider.

  • You’ve just raised capital and want to start the development phase ASAP. If you’ve raised the funds for an exciting new product venture, you can access a large team with a vast range of skills to be responsive and to go to market with a prototype when you need it.

The working parts of a product design team that make up the whole

Industrial Designers

Often referred to as Product Designers, Industrial Designers bring ideas to life by delivering beautiful and functional designs. They blend the practical and the creative to design a product which is focussed on the needs of the end-user and commercially viable for your business. They’re the bridge between the engineer and end-user, as well as the engineer and marketer. They’re trained to think about interaction, ergonomics and aesthetic appeal.

Mechanical and Product Design Engineers

Engineers are able to understand and develop detailed systems and mechanisms, design and manage complex assemblies in 3D CAD, perform part analysis and optimisation through calculations and virtual simulation. They have a deep understanding of production requirements, material specifications and manufacturing processes. Engineers are practical problem solvers and primarily concerned with viability. They challenge the idea wherever they see a potential weakness and will be honest about the practical aspects of design. They take pride in solving the unsolvable, but they won’t be shy about saying “no we cannot make that chair float in space” if they have to.

Electronic Engineers

They are increasingly relied upon on our modern, IoT world. They are responsible for the design of electronic circuits, system architecture and hardware development including PCB layout and design. This includes component selection, design of electronic controls and interface, embedded software development and management of electrical safety and compliance.

Graphic Designers, Brand & Marketing Experts

These experts will keep brand consistency from the packaging through to the product, to create a seamless visual and sensory experience for the end-user.

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Intellectual Property Advisors

A good multi-disciplinary design team will have trusted Intellectual Property (IP) attorneys on hand to provide expert advice in patent, trademark and copyright law. They will work with both you and IP partners to develop and protect your IP assets and to understand the existing patents, trademarks and copyright that might impact your product development program. 

When you partner with Whistle, you open the door to skilful professionals, knowledgeable minds, resources and expertise

We live and breathe product design and our passion flows into every project we embark on. We’re in it for the long haul. With Whistle, you’ll have a long term product design team by your side who will guide your product development to successful outcomes. And, we’re all round good people to work with too!

Why do our customers choose us?

  • Fully-resourced. We cover all facets of product design and development
  • Award-winning. We have extensive experience in developing diverse products
  • Quick to market. We can deliver results quickly, from an idea to profitable in the marketplace
  • Large team. We’re large enough to work on multiple projects

You may like to spend some time with us in our office to find out more about our work and experience. Call us on +61 39561 5810 for a confidential discussion about your product idea.

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