Whistle Welcomes Shashank Rathor

We’re pleased to welcome our newest intern Shashank Rathor to Whistle Design Group.

Shashank is a 4th year Industrial Design student at RMIT University and will spend a few months in the studio completing his final year project supervised by Paul Miller. His research deep dives into the medical industry, design processes and methodology research, to explore what role design plays in the Medtech space.

Key to Shashank’s studies will be need-finding and the identification of pain points through observation, research groups and speaking directly to those working in the industry. He aims to synthesise these findings to ultimately identify and document an ideal methodology for the development of Medtech products, services and IP. In the final stage of his project he will apply these learnings to design an original Medtech product.

Shashank is passionate about digital design, user-centered design, UX/UI and healthcare. Check out some of his impressive portfolio work to date below.

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