Returning to the Studio

After enduring the on-again, off-again relationship that was Melbourne’s lockdowns in 2021, we’re excited to be returning to the studio today – masks donned, and vaccination certificates at the ready!
Summer may be a few weeks away, but Melbourne treated us to a cool morning as we hauled our computers back to our desks, dusted off our tablets and fired up the coffee machine. There might be a slight learning curve as we remember exactly how to pull that perfect espresso shot… 

So far, the transition has been smooth, with everyone reconnecting over lunch and readjusting to work beyond the webcam lens.

As 2022 quickly approaches, we’re feeling collectively refreshed and ready to tackle the busy months ahead. Even though we maintained regular virtual catch-ups these past months, we couldn’t be happier to return to the collaborative, creative environment that we thrive in.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our clients back in-person, and getting stuck into some exciting new projects. Call us to arrange a meeting now.