8-Week Rapid Prototype Development Program.

In answer to a common need from new clients, we’ve created a faster, lower budget, 8-Week Rapid Prototype Development Program.

This a fast paced and lightweight, Design-and-Build Program, aimed at fleshing out solutions and proceeding to a Proof-of-Concept prototype build quickly, in order to evaluate a concept fast and for a low investment.

This Program allows our clients to better evaluate their concept and understand areas that may need further exploration in a full development program.

How does it work?

The program consists of two main phases:

PHASE 1 – DESIGN (Weeks 1 to 4).

2-Day Design Workshop.

  • Day 1 – Briefing and Ideation.
  • Day 2 – Design Concepts.

Based on the results of the workshop, the Design is refined and Engineered, ready for prototyping.

PHASE 2 – BUILD (Weeks 5 to 8).

Prototype fabrication, finishing and assembly. Delivery to client (in Studio) and Future Development Plan.

Who is this for?

The program suits those early stage innovations, where budget might be small, and the client is looking for the simplest path to market.

The program is designed for clients who:

  • Have a new concept that needs to be drawn up, perhaps to seek patent protection or capital investment/funding.
  • Need to build a prototype to test the concept.
  • Have a Mechanical only product – adding electronics can significantly increase development time/budget.
  • Do not want to commit to a significant investment or development contract at an early stage.


As the program is quite intensive, we limit the number of new projects to a maximum Studio availability of two Rapid Prototype Development Programs starting each month.

What does it cost?

The program has a Fixed-Fee of of $36,000 + GST.

This is invoiced in advance in two pre-payments of $18,000 + GST each. One to start the project, with the second payment required by the end of Week 4.

The Fees include all development work, including Brief Development, Design Sketches, Engineering CAD, Prototype Build, and Future Development Plan.

Who owns the IP?

A common question. Very simply – It’s your idea. You own the IP.

You’ll get copies of all the design work as well as “dumb” exports of the 3D data if you want it. “Dumb” means a non-parametric version, like a .STEP file or .IGS file. Our engineers work in Solidworks. Those files contain our IP, so we hang on to those.

Book In Your 8-Week Program.

If you have an early-stage concept you need to prototype, get in touch with us to discuss suitability for our 8-Week rapid Prototype Development Program.

Call us on +61 (3) 9561 5810 or fill out the form on our Contact Page and we’ll be in touch.

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