Your product is the lasting embodiment of your brand.

Behind a decision to buy a product, a series of events have just occurred in the mind of your new customer. Your brand’s identity, story, integrity and expectations of what you can deliver are all part of this decision.

The process of industrial design itself embeds your brand into the visual language of your new product, creating a coherency that generates trust. It’s subtle and persuasive. Whether you are launching a new business or creating a product that has to fit into an existing one, industrial design is a craft that creates compelling brand identity by transferring meaningful design choices into functional and purposeful 3D forms. This approach is what delivers a truly unique product identity.

Industrial Design uses innovation and design as a strategy to create brand identity. More than just adding a logo or your corporate colours, we’re creating a brand and product identity that evokes an emotional response from your customer, induces a desire to use your product, and instils trust so they look forward to what’s next.


“Together, let’s use innovation and design as a strategy to create lasting brand identity.”



To showcase your newly created product, we can generate a variety of marketing
assets which include photo-realistic product renders for use on websites,
social media platforms and product packaging. We create product animations to
clearly show the product form and function in 3D space. By using the latest
software and tools we’ll achieve views and effects of the product that are not
possible through traditional film and photography methods.

For more demanding applications, our workshop in China produces parts for us from production realistic materials to provide the most accurate performance and evaluations.

Visual Storytelling

It takes just a moment for your audience to form an impression of your product. We provide a compelling narrative, communicating the design’s purpose and function through 3D space, and inspiring the user to invest their attention further.

Market Intelligence

We tirelessly pursue an understanding of your end user and product goals. Allowing data to guide and inform the decision-making process allows us to become deeply aware of both audience and competitors. This effectively supports your business and marketing objectives, and keeps us constantly looking beyond our own four walls.

User Engagement & Research

Our human-centric approach makes the design process engaging and approachable. Through prototyping and putting your product in people’s hands, we ensure usability and ergonomics are kept central to the user experience.

Brand Design

While harnessing the aesthetic characteristics of colour, material finish and branding, we design beyond the logo – ensuring your identity and brand DNA is baked into the final form. The result is a product greater than the sum of its parts, one that feels complete, human and purposeful.

“We want your customer to have a seamless experience of your brand. From the moment they lay eyes upon your packaging, read the instructions and then handle your product. We know this brand consistency develops a trusted relationship between you and your customer.”