Bicycle seat design I vabsRider by AtaraxyBSC

Introducing vabsRider, a world-first seat that moves dynamically with the rider. Designed, built and tested by ataraxy Bicycle Seat Company (BSC) and Whistle Design Group, this revolutionary split-seat design glides with the natural movement of the body, creating a pain-free, enjoyable cycling experience for all riders, regardless of their level of experience.


vabsRider for ataraxyBSC, 2024

Industrial Design Challenge

ataraxyBSC was founded by Robin Macan. A casual bike rider who enjoys riding but not the pain of it, he questioned how a more comfortable bike seat could be designed. In 2016, Robin began workshopping a new approach that he believed could forever change the cycling experience. ataraxyBSC engaged the expertise of the team at Whistle Design Group to transform the early ideas and prototypes into the final engineered product. 

The theory was to develop a design to support each leg, rather than the current saddle which puts pressure on the sit bones and often leaves riders, particularly those more infrequent or casual ones, in pain. This creates a barrier that prevents some people from riding bikes regularly or even at all.

vabsRider engineered by Whistle Design Group
Actuating bike saddle with Melbourne rider
Bicycle with revolutionary seat design
Ergonomic bike seat moves with body

Revolutionary New Product Design

The vabsRider brings an entirely new concept to the bicycle seat industry, with an innovative split-seat layout, designed to provide support across the rider’s gluteal muscles. Removing pressure off the sit bones, to eliminate pain and discomfort.

Taking a first principles approach, the fundamentals of human movement have been analysed and translated into a ground-breaking design –  A bicycle seat that moves naturally with your body. As the leg pushes down, the saddle moves with it. 

The result is a smooth ride that allows for maximum comfort, and no pain in the sit bones, even when riding for long distances.

vabsRider's virtual axis aligns with hip joint

Prototypes and Testing

The development of the vabsRider started with the question – Does a traditional bike saddle perform its function well? Is saddle soreness an unavoidable reality of cycling or is a new approach needed to address fundamental problems with the user experience?


By starting with these questions, and an open minded and enthusiastic approach to new ideas, every aspect of this product exudes innovation. And we are certain that this can be seen upon viewing the vabsRider for the first time.


With a first principles approach to design, we have have re-thought and re-imagined a design that has existed for centuries. Through a journey of ongoing research and development, this project embraced an attitude of breaking convention.


Through the journey many prototypes have been built, tested and refined. A process of continuous design-build-test iterations that have led to the design in its current form – the vabsRider.


ataraxy’s vabsRider is a world-first design with many world-first features. It is proudly unique and subject to several worldwide patent applications.

Bicycle Seat Prototyping and Engineering
Bike saddle performance testing
Beautiful ergonomic seat design

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