POS Kiosk Design | Bosstab Evo iPad Tablet Stands

Bosstab approached Whistle in 2017 to discuss a new POS Kiosk Design, a ground-up development to expand their range of high security commercial tablet mounts and enclosures.

Briefed with development of a system that would cater to existing tablets as well as new future-release tablets, we set out to conceptualise a system that was highly flexible and customisable.

The result was a thoroughly modern, clean aesthetic, made from high strength materials, featuring a custom lock design and multiaxial friction hinge with internal cable pass-through and custom mounting system to suit the most common tablets.

Bosstab Evo iPad Tablet Stands.

Bosstab Pty Ltd, 2017-2019.

Concept development for a new POS Kiosk Design

Development Process.

Development began with a thorough market review to help identify areas for improvement and opportunities for development. We undertook trend research and compiled visual theme boards to help frame three aesthetics for further exploration. Following this, we began to build the Product Design Specification (PDS), listing out all function and technical requirements of the project.

We then moved to an ideation stage, where we began to explore overall form and aesthetic, mechanical hinge implementation concepts, tablet mounting concepts and other system versatility. Using a weighted criteria matrix, we evaluated the ideas and narrowed down to three family designs for full conceptual development.

Following presentation and review, we moved into further refinement and initial detail design to begin fleshing out the finer details of bringing the system to life.

POS Kiosk Design


Key to developing such an innovative system was constant prototyping and improvement. Having real, tangible, analogue prototypes in hand to make tactile evaluations and test function is still such an important part of the process in our digital world. Three main reasons for prototyping from very early in the development process include:

1. Functional Testing

Ensuring the parts and system do what we want them to do.

2. User & Ergonomic Testing

Ensuring the system is comfortable and easy to use, identifying usability issues or areas for improvement.

3. System & Assembly Testing

Ensuring that components can be assembly assembled, either at factory level or by the end user as required. This type of testing often yields development of special assembly tools where required to achieve assembly of custom parts.

Engineering a new POS Kiosk Design.

To bring the project to life, we engineered the system completely from the ground up to achieve the strength, aesthetic and simplicity of the concept. We use a looping system of Design, Build, Test and Evaluate to address the unknowns and find the most robust solutions.

All components are engineered in Solidworks, printed in-house on our 3D printer where appropriate or fabricated by our prototype shop, and checked and tested by our engineers. Through a combination of virtual prototyping (simulation) and physical (hard) prototyping, we engineered the system, in conjunction with the product team at Bosstab, to build a modern, high security system suited to housing the latest high tech tablets in commercial environments.

All parts, sub-assemblies and top-level assemblies were designed for manufacture (DFM) and prepared for RFQ and production with Production Data Packs (PDPs). During the process, Whistle engineers consulted directly with the production factories, answering questions, solving problems, and making adjustments to suit processes.

Engineering a new POS Kiosk Design.
Hinge Detail for the new POS Kiosk Design.

Supporting Production of a new POS Kiosk Design.

Once tooling was built and initial samples were received, we looked after Quality Control (QC), performing full dimensional and tolerance checks, functional checks, and colour/material/finish (CMF) checks.

Further, being hands-on with suppliers is critical to ensuring a high quality product comes off the production line and arrives with the customer. Travel to China to work with the suppliers on the production floor is imperative to understanding issues and finding resolutions quickly.

Congratulations To Bosstab On Release Of Their New EVO Series Tablet Platform!

Supporting production ramp for the new POS Kiosk Design
First production for the new POS Kiosk Design parts

Visualising a new POS Kiosk Design.

With industry-leading visualisation tools, we can now produce a vast array of marketing assets directly from the 3D CAD. Interactive 360° View renders are a great tool for showcasing a design in 3D space. Perfect for websites and presentations to product buyers.

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