Ladder Design | Batavia Transformer.

The Transformer mobile workbench was a collaboration between Batavia, its suppliers and Whistle, with the goal to develop a unique, innovative and highly functional ladder design and workbench solution for the trade/DIY market.

Whistle helped develop the initial idea and function through a concept development stage, before taking the idea into CAD for ergonomic verification and to ensure all relevant safety standards were met. In CAD, we were able to simulate and verify all geometry to ensure the functions would work as expected, before the supplier committed to prototype fabrication and testing.

Key focus was placed on easy of use, safety (large stable standing surfaces), ergonomics (adjustable height tool tray) and maximising available functions, whilst minimising complexity. The result was a rugged and stylish multi-function tool that makes mobile handy work that much easier.

Batavia Transformer.

Batavia GmbH, 2014-15.

Ladder Design Sketches

Concept Development.

Through sketch-based exploration, we ignite the creative process, unearthing diverse design avenues. Sketches serve as the initial threads of our design narrative, allowing us to envision and experiment with various directions. 

This phase blends intuition and design principles, cultivating innovation and guiding the evolution of our concepts. The sketches become blueprints, propelling us towards a refined and exceptional design outcome.

Ladder Design Rendering

Concept Refinement.

Transitioning to CAD to refine the concept, we meticulously evolve our design. Every detail takes shape digitally, enabling us to assess geometry and function with precision. 

Here we can study each use case and function before committing to Engineering Development.  This phase ensures a seamless blend of creativity and practicality, shaping the concept’s form and function in harmony.

Ladder Design Engineering

Engineering & Ergonomics.

Merging technical finesse with user-centered design, our focus shifts to Engineering Development. Here, concepts materialize into precise digital models that align seamlessly with ergonomic principles. 

Every surface is meticulously considered to ensure comfort, efficiency, and user satisfaction. This phase harmonizes form and function, resulting in designs that captivate aesthetically and enhance daily interactions with intuitive usability.

3D Product Rendering


With design and engineering concluded, we finish with Photorealistic 3D Product Renderings and Production Setup Support. Photorealistic Product Renderings offering stakeholders a lifelike, tangible product preview that can be used in marketing material.

Simultaneously, Production Setup Support drives our involvement into manufacturing. Collaborating closely with the factory, we ensure precise production alignment ensuring the concept come to life with true to intent.

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