Home Brand Design for Suppliers & Retailers | Ferrex 1500W SDS Rotary Hammer Drill.

Whistle has a proven track record of delivering fresh new Home Brand Design concepts and ideas that are adopted by the largest global retailers such as Aldi, Lidl, Amazon and others.

This type of work is typically commissioned by manufacturers and distributors looking to secure their next large order. We’re 100% focused on achieving success for our clients through high volume orders from a large global retailer. From experience, we know what it takes to support clients as they pitch for business with these retail giants. We work closely with them, providing world-class presentation materials showcasing our designs and winning over buyers.

The Ferrex 1500W SDS Rotary Hammer Drill has been sold via Aldi (Europe & UK), in many repeated Special Buys promotions since it was launched in 2017.

1500W SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Securing High Volume Home Brand Design Orders With Aldi.

How do you sell products to Aldi? And other large retailers? First and foremost there needs to be a strong relationship between the retailer’s Product Buyer and the Product Distributor (or Manufacturer). Beyond this relationship, design and innovation is a key tool that can be used to win over a Product Buyer. This is where the team at Whistle Deign Group comes in. 

We can provide the expert eye of an experienced design team to present visually compelling designs that reflect the DNA of a retailer’s house brand whilst incorporating the latest market trends. And often, we help set new trends through new designs, new features and innovation. 

Importantly the product’s design and all presentation materials must win over and impress the product buyer, giving them 100% confidence to sign a purchase agreement.

Ferrex Aldi Catalogue

Leverage Design To Create New Opportunities.

Throughout the development process, we work closely with our partners to ensure they are leveraging the power of design and utilising it as a tool to win over Product Buyers. Experience tells us that investing in new designs is a great way of creating new discussions and new opportunities. 

We thrive on developing a flow of new designs and product ideas for our clients. This can give them the edge they need when heading into their next product meeting. Also, it encourages Product Buyers to come back and ask “What’s next?”

Ferrex Home Brand Design Hammer Drill

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