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In 2021, Whistle supported Chamberlain Group with Garage Door Opener design for their European division under the Jarolift brand. Tasked with developing two models for the new range, an OPP and MPP/HPP model, our team set out to create a distinctive and premium theme to be applied to two different forms, each unique in their own right but close enough to be a family line of products.

Jarolift Garage Door Openers.

Chamberlain ANZ for Chamberlain GmbH, 2021.

Jarolift JL-1000N Garage Door Opener Design
Jarolift JL-1000N Garage Door Opener Design

Concept Development.

Beginning with aesthetic theme work, we set out to create a number of different forms around which to build each aesthetic. Through a series of workshops, ideas were refined to four directions, each drawing reference from different subject matter, with a focus on colours, materials, etches to help create a different level of perceived quality for each Garage Door Opener design.

Each concept quickly moved in CAD to help evaluate packaging and ensure each form was as compact as could be, a key requirement of the new designs, since packaging size is paramount importance when costing products for shipping, both ex-factory and to customer.

Each form was developed to stand out in its own right as a distinctive design, but through careful consideration of proportion, materials, colours, etches and finishes, the design could plausibly appear under the same family theme.

The final two concepts chosen presented a nice juxtaposition, with the OPP model being a simpler, functional form, and the MPP/HPP model carrying more complex form and surfacing details, akin to luxury sports cars.

Garage Door Opener Design Sketches
GDO Industrial Design Concepts
GDO Industrial Design Concepts 1
GDO Industrial Design Concepts 2
GDO Industrial Design Concepts 3
GDO Industrial Design Concepts 5

Engineering Development.

With concept directions set, our engineers moved in Solidworks to package the running gear, with components requiring the most compact packaging layout possible. IN this partnership with Chamberlain, Whistle designers and engineers provided the main A-surface and component breakdown, including branding options, with final detailing and production design work completed in partnership with Chamberlain manufacturing partners.


A crucial part of progressing through approval in our design process is prototyping. Key to any visual or aesthetic project, high quality prototypes completed in finishes representative of final manufacturing finishes is crucial to ensuring a design is visually appealing as well as correct in form and proportion.

We fabricated two 1:1 scale prototypes for sign-off in our  workshop before releasing A-surface data to the manufacturers partners to take over.

Garage Door Opener Design CAD Solidworks
Visual Prototypes

Transmitter Development.

Part of the project involved the development of a new transmitter model to be sold alongside each GDO, as well as standalone.

We presented a number of matching transmitter concepts that would seamlessly complement each GDO concept, however, the client’s vision called for a more impactful and contemporary visual identity.  To achieve this, we pushed the design, infusing the transmitter with a distinct sharpness, evoking an architectural aura that exuded precision and elegance.

A focus of this design direction was the intricate interplay of mixed materials, carefully curated to impart a uniquely distinctive aesthetic. Each element was chosen to not only contribute to the transmitter’s functionality but also to underscore its visual sophistication. The marriage of materials resulted in a fusion of form and function, elevating the transmitter’s appearance to new heights.

The culmination of this was a transmitter design that exuded a modern, architectural aura, replete with precision and an unmistakable visual impact. This design not only met the client’s desire for a stronger visual identity but also positioned the transmitter as an emblem of contemporary sophistication.

Transmitter Industrial Design
Transmitter Industrial Design

Industrial Design Visualisation.

With industry-leading visualisation tools, we can now produce a vast array of marketing assets directly from 3D CAD. Interactive 360° View renders are a great tool for showcasing a design in 3D space. Perfect for websites and presentations to product buyers.

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