Design & Engineering | KT360 Injury Prevention Platform

In 2017, Whistle commenced working with KangaTech on the design and engineering of the next evolution of their Injury Prevention Platform (IPP). KangaTech, a leader in sport science, were looking to build on the success of their first-generation IPP. At the heart of this unit is Kangatech’s world-class, software-based, testing platform. A platform that enables the performance monitoring of elite athletes.

For the next evolution IPP, Whistle had 2 core tasks:

  1. Design and develop an integrated sensor housing. This housing contains all sensors, electronics, mechanisms and user controls.
  2. Re-design, re-invent and re-imagine the supporting frame and base.

KT360 Injury Prevention Platform

Kangatech Pty Ltd, 2017-19.

Industrial Design for Start-Ups

Development Process.

As part of the early stages of the project we needed to understand all the usage requirements. With the requirements clearly defined, we then focussed on engineering a mechanical system that delivered on the following fundamental goals:

  • Simple to setup
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Increase the accuracy of measurements taken

Attention was paid to developing an aesthetic that was suited to the gym environment and fitting of a leading sports science device. Selection of the right manufacturing methods and materials were a key driver of this.

Design & Engineering for Manufacture.

Throughout the product development, the team at Whistle used our design and engineering experience to:

  • Arrange manufacture and supply of prototype parts for all stages of testing and validation.
  • Consult with local manufacturers – Areas included software and electronics, sheet metal, metal tube bending, CNC and machining, foam and upholstery.
  • Source manufacturers both local and international.
  • Supply production parts.

The latest IPP, called the “KT360”, and was launched worldwide in Q1 2019. Congratulations to the KangaTech team on their world class system!

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