Design Aesthetic & Brand Identity | Watt LED Work Lights.

The opportunity presented to Whistle was to create a unique design aesthetic and brand identity for a range of LED work lights for a large OEM manufacturer. Based in China, they were looking to expand their diverse line-up, requiring a new product that had a real sense of identity. Something that would make the design recognisable in a heavily crowded marketplace.

Importantly, the focus of this product was to create a new outer housing and product appearance. This is commonly referred to as “re-skin”, “re-fresh” or “outlook design”.

Watt LED Work Lights.

OEM, 2018.

Creating the Design Aesthetic.

In this project, the concept development focused on the form and external silhouette of the product to flesh out  direction that could go on to define a brand language.

Numerous early concept sketches were used to ideate and communicate possible design directions. The iterative process of design sketch and review is the key tool here. It allows the design team to quickly identify new ideas and develop distinctly different design directions that can be discussed with stakeholders.









Creating a Brand Identity.

Developing a brand identity alongside the product design was another important layer to this project. As we approached the product’s design it was important to explore how a unique brand identity could be created. We believe this can best be achieved by allowing the product’s design to influence the brand and vice-versa. In this case, the selected brand “Watt” matches well with the work light market segment, the deliberate triangular form factor is key to the overall brand identity and is included within the logo as a cohesive link between the product and brand.

Logo Creation.

The creation of a brand logo follows a similar process to the design of the product. Quick ideation of several options, discussion with the team before final artwork is prepared ready for print, web, packaging, product labels and tooling emboss.

Brand Design

Showcasing The New Design Aesthetic.

To showcase the newly created product we can generate an endless number of marketing assets. These might include photo-realistic product renders for use on websites, Instagram, product packaging etc. and product animations to clearly show the product form and function in 3D space.

By using the latest software and tools we can achieve views and effects that would not be possible through traditional film and photography methods. One of our favourites is the interactive 360 degree view.

<<< Drag the image for an interactive view >>>

Brand Identity

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