Cordless Drill Design | Kawasaki Theme Design.

In 2020, we undertook a concept redevelopment proposal for the Kawasaki license – headlined by a reimagined brand Cordless Drill Design that would stand out amongst a saturated market and offer an elevated experience of an already familiar product.

With cordless, brushless drills the gold standard of the premium power tool niche, the theme was applied to the hero of the product range, but conjures endless possibilities for an entire ‘family’ range of products.

Kawasaki Tools.

OEM, 2020.

Cordless Drill Grip Design
Cordless Drill Vent Design
Cordless Drill Switch Design

Theme Development.

The goal was to craft a distinct brand identity with aesthetic references and design features that could be easily translated from one product to the next. These visual guidelines ensure clear messaging – imparting confidence in the quality, reliability and performance of the brand.

Early-stage exploration included market research of the products currently in market, considering various price points, colour ways and surface finishes. The goal of differentiation was kept at the forefront of the project at all times. We developed mood boards establishing inspiration and in turn theme boards, distilling to two or three concepts to be considered for further development.

Lastly, the selected design was honed and refined. Style and and brand guides ensure the look and feel of any future products is consistent and clear specifications are provided for manufacture.

Cordless Drill Design SKETCH 1
Cordless Drill Design SKETCH 2
Cordless Drill Design SKETCH 3

Cordless Drill Design Visualisation.

With industry-leading visualisation tools, we can now produce a vast array of marketing assets directly from 3D CAD. Interactive 360° View renders are a great tool for showcasing a design in 3D space. Perfect for websites and presentations to product buyers.

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Design for manufacture (DFM) is key to our working model. The practice involves extensive planning in the design phase to ensure our products are engineered to be as physically compact as possible, while remaining efficient, ergonomically optimised and feature centre-of-gravity to match. We engage readily with manufacturers, ensuring the design is suitable and practical for high-volume assembly.

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