Consumer Product Design | LifePro DynaSphere Massager.

In 2020, we began a partnership with an OEM and LifePro Fitness to develop their growing range of Percussion Massagers. Whistle was engaged to assist in re-inventing their standard product, pushing the limits of traditional consumer product design. The end result was a unique design that secured new intellectual property protections, allowing the OEM and its key global customers valuable protection from their many competitors.

Percussive therapy devices have since become a hot item within the sport and fitness industry, in most markets worldwide. The devices deliver targeted, vibrating force to athlete’s muscles, providing benefits that include reduced muscle soreness, increased flexibility, pain relief and faster post-workout recovery.


Percussion Therapy Massager.

Ball Massager Detail 2
Ball Massager Detail 1
Ball Massager Detail 3

Ergonomics, Form & Function in Conumer Product Design.

With this project, the focus was on early ergonomic studies. Our team interacted with product mock-ups on a user level. They explored user comfort, experimented with layouts and evaluated possible forms. We needed to understand how the product is used. How is the device manipulated in the hand? How do you reach and treat various muscles groups including neck, shoulders, back, thighs and lower legs? Where should the controls be positioned? From experience, we know that if we can understand and answer these questions, the learnings can be incorporate into a meaningful design.

The result and at the heart of this design is the spherical junction between the handle and the massaging mechanism. The DYNASPHERE. This unique, patented feature was incorporated to add a comfortable, flexible grip point closer to the massaging head.

Consumer Product Design Ergonomics
Consumer Product Design Testing
Consumer Product Design Testing

Colour, Material & Finish.

Careful consideration should always be given to a products CMF (Colour, Material and Finish) specification. Get this right and it will certainly enhance the perceived quality of the product in the eyes of the end user. A defining feature of this project is the horizontal split line across the axis of the massager mechanism. This allows for a unique colour break up, not seen in competing products, further enhancing this product’s stand-alone identity and unique appeal.

Consumer Product Design Colour, Material & Finish

Design For Manufacture.

Design for manufacture (DFM) is key to our working model – the practice involves extensive planning in the design phase which ensures our products are engineered to be as physically compact as possible, while remaining efficient, ergonomically optimised and featuring centre-of-gravity to match. We also engage readily with manufacturers, ensuring the design is suitable and practical for high-volume assembly.

Interactive 360 View.

With industry-leading visualisation tools, we can now produce a vast array of marketing assets directly from the 3D CAD. Interactive 360° View renders are a great tool for showcasing a design in 3D space. Perfect for websites and presentations to product buyers.

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