A Month of Mini-Saw Madness.

Two New Launches for Batavia and Westfalia

This month, we’re seen the market release of not one, but two, mini-saw models from our clients.

Naturally, this has sent us into an state of mini-saw madness! We’ve been running around cutting through anything we can get our hands on; from decorative veneers, to plaster walls and MDF (as long as it’s under 26mm thick). We recommend waiting until January to visit our studio, when we will hopefully have returned to a state of normality in delivering professional product development services.

In all seriousness, we would like to congratulate both Batavia and Westfalia on the release of their respective mini-saw models.

These two projects serve as a great example of developing different aesthetics and themes for different clients at the same time. Whilst a rare occurrence (in this case, they also knew each other!) it does illustrate how designers must be versatile in their creativity and have a thorough understanding of their clients target market.

The Westfalia model is a “precision” saw that required a more conservative aesthetic, and a muted colourway. Batavia’s model demanded a more adventurous, trend-setting aesthetic, with bright colours and metallic accents. The different use of textures and finishes also serves to give each an identity of its own.

See more of the Batavia Mini Saw and Westfalia Mini Plunge Saw in our Portfolio.

You’ll find the Batavia saw available from https://batavia.eu/ and the Westfalia saw available from https://www.westfalia.de/.