Innovation post COVID – Has 2020 sparked our appetite for positive change?

Are we more willing to innovate and change? Will this shape our lives for the better?

Who would have thought that 2020, the year of the lockdown, would change our daily living rhythms permanently? We had our lives turned upside down. We were forced to adapt and change very quickly. Our regular life was no longer what it once was, and change was all around us. We were compelled to innovate.

Overall, as a community, we took this in our stride and we adapted to many changes occurring simultaneously. Some of the obvious examples that affected us here in Melbourne, Australia were:

  • Wearing face masks
  • Closure of social spaces
  • Working from the kitchen table
  • Sanitiser everywhere
  • Zoom meetings
  • Social distancing
  • Covid Safe Apps
  • 5km lockdown radius
  • International border closures
  • Local border closures
  • The ring of steel
  • And more!

It accelerated the shift to online purchasing, and further reinforced our reliance on big tech for good and bad. In many cases we saw the clear benefits of change such as the reduction of commute time, nature flourishing and more sourdough, but in other cases we continued to question and argue the merits of change. Think curfews, home schooling, immunisation, freedom of movement, protecting the elderly vs not harming the youth.

But importantly, this drove a bigger discussion of change and innovation. It set up an appetite to change and a mindset of innovation and creative thinking. If we can change our lifestyles so quickly, what else can we change? And what positive difference can we make if we focused on it?

The rapid changes that occurred during COVID, have helped to foster a mindset of innovation and creative thinking.

Hard lockdowns along with ongoing limitations on social movement and travel have really forced everyone to stop and think, to feel and sense. To reflect on the way things were and the way things are now. This forced reflection seems to be driving a strong desire for a new way of living, and a bounty of new thinking and ideas for the future. Now more than ever before, we can recognise change all around us. We understand that change can happen rapidly, and that change may not be as difficult as we would have imagined. The question is – how can change improve our lives? What can we do right now to make sure we’re guiding our compass toward a better society and a better lifestyle?

We’ve noticed the level of enquiries to our business has increased post COVID. It feels like people have really grabbed hold of this innovation mindset and appear to be thinking more creatively. They are identifying new needs and new opportunities. There seems to be an increased motivation to develop solutions to overcome the problems and challenges we face in all aspects of our life. People are preparing for more innovation and getting ready to invest in the future with products they hadn’t considered before.

What about you? What does a “COVID Normal” world mean to you?

  • What learnings will you take with you into the future?
  • What else can you change for the better?
  • How can you maker COVID normal work for you?
  • What new opportunities are out there?
  • What new problems will we need to solve?

We’re still at the beginning of this new era. Who can really know what’s ahead? Where can this new mindset take us? We hope the future is better and brighter and we can’t wait to see what new ideas and approaches people take. Join the thread here and please share your thoughts with us.

Paul Miller

A founding Director at Whistle Design Group, Paul is focused on helping clients achieve growth through the development of market-changing products. He is passionate about business strategy, communication and designing products that enhance the human experience. Paul believes that the future will always be shaped by those who are willing to challenge and create.