Industrial Design Projects.

Welcome to our portfolio of Industrial Design Projects, where innovation meets functionality in every carefully curated project. As a leading Australian Industrial Design Agency, we take pride in showcasing a diverse range of cutting-edge creations that seamlessly blend form and function. 

Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, from concept to the final product. Explore our showcase of projects that captivate, inspire, and transform, as we continue to shape the future of industries through unparalleled creativity and ingenuity.

Revolutionary bicycle saddle

vabsRider bicycle seat

For:  ataraxyBSC

A revolutionary new bicycle seat for ataraxyBSC.  Design and engineered by Whistle. 

CSBP Detect.

For CSBP, we worked to build a rugged device used to measure plant nitrogen status to improve crop yield.

LiftMaster Access Control Keypad.

A new Access Control Keypad Design for LiftMaster Europe,

Door Opener Industrial Design Project

Jarolift Garage Door Openers.

The new Jarolift Garage Door Openers and Transmitters developed with Chamberlain GmbH.

Engineering Design Project Melbourne

KT360 Injury Prevention Platform.

Next generation Injury Prevention Platform for the performance monitoring of elite athletes.

Industrial Design Projects

Kawasaki License Theme.

For:  OEM

A reimagined brand license theme that would stand out amongst a saturated market.

Evo iPad Tablet Stands.


For Bosstab, we developed an entirely new, high security, universal, tablet mounting platform. 

Industrial Design Concept for Industrial Equipment

Vector II Vacuum Pump.


The new Vector 2 for Javac, with weight optimised aluminium casting design and new intake valve system.

LED Light Industrial Design Projects

Watt LED Work Light.

For:  OEM

A unique LED work light for a large OEM manufacturer, with a recognisable form to define a new brand language.

Industrial Design for Consumer Goods

DynaSphere Percussion Massager.

A uniquely new and innovative aesthetic and layout for Lifepro, for one of the hottest items in the sport and fitness industry.

Power Drill Design project

Aldi Ferrex 1500W Rotary Hammer.

For: Conmetall Meister GmbH for Aldi UK.

The Ferrex 1500W SDS Rotary Hammer Drill designed for Aldi (Europe & UK).

Workshop Industrial Design Projects

Batavia Transformer.

For: Batavia GmbH

For Batavia, a unique, innovative and highly functional solution for the trade/DIY market.

Industrial Design Project | Batavia Maxxheat

Batavia Maxxheat.

For: Batavia GmbH

For Batavia, an innovative first-of-its-kind Weedkiller Heatgun,  that pushes the category and provides competitive advantage for Batavia

Mini Saw Design Project

Batavia Maxxsaw.

For: Batavia GmbH

For Batavia, the Maxxsaw is the first in a new line of products to display their new design DNA developed by Whistle. 

Westfalia Precision Mini Plunge Saw.

For Westfalia Germany, the next generation mini-plunge saw with digital display, digital speed, and ambidextrous control.

Public Art Design & Engineering Project

Public Art Design & Fabrication.

Three large-scale steel sculptures for the City of Greater Dandenong for the Hemmings Streets upgrade.

BluCave Power Tool Design.

For: Demain International

An initial set of six AC and two DC power tools, controllers and chargers for the new BluCave power tool and storage range.

BluCave Storage System Design

For: Demain International

We developed the BluCave Storage system with Demain International, a unique wall mounted storage system with numerous modules.

Hand tool Industrial Design Projects

Topbuilt Handtools.

Whistle worked with Topbuilt to develop a unique and standout brand identity for their new hand-tool range. 

Whatmough Signature S15 Speakers.

For Whatmough Audio, a series of photo-realistic renders for their upcoming S15 Signature Series speakers. 

Hammer Design Project

Hammerhead Switchable.

For: OEM

A Hammer Design Concept inspired by the customisation options in (video) gaming mice and golf drivers with interchangeable heads and adjustable weighting system.

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