Industrial Design for Start-Ups & Scale-Ups.

Whistle provides tailored Industrial Design for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups who have a vision to introduce a new product or technology into the market. Typically these are newly established businesses who are in the early stages of the product development journey.

Both Start-ups and Scale-ups are characterised by their innovative ideas, disruptive business models, and high growth potential. Scale-ups have successfully transitioned from Start-up phase, by establishing a customer base and proving their business model.

Whistle works with Start-ups & Scale Ups to helping navigate them through the product development journey and develop their product for first market release. We work with Scale-Ups to optimise their product for sustained market growth and ongoing profitability.

Industrial Design for Start-Ups

What Do These Projects Look Like?

We work with those who have:

  • Clear goals & business plan.
  • Funding for early phases secured so we can hit the ground running.

Whistle has successfully collaborated with Start-Ups and Scale-Ups. We will bring valuable expertise, creative insights, and a structured design process to your start-up venture. We will help you navigate the complex journey of product development and enhance your chances of success in the market.

If you are a Start-Up or Scale-Up we’d love to support your project. Reach out to us for a confidential discussion.

Case Studies.

Industrial Design for Agtech Businesses

CSBP Detect.

See how we helped CSBP Fertilisers develop the Detect device, a unique combination of spectroscopy and machine learning to measure plant nitrogen status and provide real-time nitrogen recommendations. 

Industrial Design for Start-Ups

KT360 Injury Prevention Platform.

See how we helped Kangatech develop the world class Sports Performance Technology that helps elite sporting and athletic teams around the world proactively manage and improve athlete health and performance.

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