Industrial Design for Business Products.​

Whistle provides Industrial Design for business products, for companies focused on delivering innovation to their customers.

Whistle works with Technology Driven Businesses developing products and devices that focus on delivering world-leading innovation.

We provide design-for-manufacture, commercialisation and production support to businesses that are developing software or other technologies, that need to be designed and engineered for manufacture for use in pilot runs, field test programs or low/high volume production.

Design for Tablet Holders

What Do These Projects Look Like?

Industrial Design for Business Products.​​

Business product and device projects tend to focus on a strict set of commercial requirements and delivery timelines. Ability to work to these requirements and deliverables is key for clients in ensuring successful on-time delivery.

Projects typically involve collaborations between a number of stakeholders. Whistle support this through reporting and collaboration tools designed to improve the sharing of product development assets and knowledge.

Despite the variety of businesses, technologies and products, our Agile Design Loop methodology is always applied. This process commences with a Discovery phase, to investigate and research project topics, aimed at identifying potential blockers early on, to address them and minimise loss of time and cost later in the project due to unforeseen issues.

Employing a number of engineering tools supporting the Risk-mitigation process, design and engineering begins. Iterations of the development follow, focusing on building out the MVPs, Alpha and Beta Porotypes to test and validate solutions according to the test protocols or field trial requirements of your project.

The final release stages see us working with chosen / preferred suppliers for handover and ramp up for production. To ensure integrity of the project, emphasis is placed on thorough and complete documentation including quality control to ensure delivery of quality production parts.

If you need this type of support for your next project, reach out to the professional team at Whistle for a confidential discussion. 

Case Studies.

Design for Industrial Products

Javac Vector Vacuum Pump.

See how we helped Javac develop the second generation Vector, optimising the aluminium casting design to reduce unnecessary material weight, and incorporating Javac’s new intake valve system into a fresh new design.

Industrial Design for Point of Sale Products

Bosstab Evo Tablet Platform.

See how we helped Bosstab build a new, ground-up tablet platform for industry and retail to expand their range of high security commercial tablet mounts and enclosures.

Industrial Design for Agtech Businesses

CSBP Detect.

See how we helped CSBP Fertilisers develop the Detect device, a unique combination of spectroscopy and machine learning to measure plant nitrogen status and provide real-time nitrogen recommendations. 

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