end-to-end product development.

We are a team of thoroughly professional, process-driven, highly qualified and diversely experienced Designers, Engineers, Project Management and Support Staff.

We chase innovation. It’s our duty to our clients, ensuring we help them stay ahead of the game.

We provide end-to-end support in creating innovative devices and products for businesses.

Our clients turn to us to help transform visionary ideas into world-class products and devices.

Our support network is vast, consisting of Advisory, Legal, Patents and IP, Grants and other specialists all focused on helping develop businesses and their products.

We are Specialists in Precision Product Development.

Our Process Is Uncomplicated.

We utilise AGILE methodology to deliver items of work sooner, so we can design, build, test, evaluate, and identify and solve issues earlier in the process when time/cost investment is lower.

Our product development process consists of four main stages:. Here’s an overview of what to expect in each stage.


Project Management, Advisory, Product Requirements, Feasibility Studies, User & Market Research, Patents & IP support, Journey Mapping, Standards & Safety Requirements.


Theme Development, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Design, Risk Mitigation (FEA, FMEA, Boundary & P-Diagrams), Visualisation & Rendering.

Proof-of-Concept Builds, Visual & Fully-Functional Builds. Materials and Process including: CNC Plastics, Aluminium, Sheet Metal, Castings, Iterative Electronics Builds. 3D Printing/FDM, SLA, SLS.

Functional/Field Testing, including test specifications and programs (eg. Acoustic, Environmental/Climatic, Performance/Endurance, Electrical, EC) test jigs, lab tests, certifications and management.


Specification, QA / QC Documentation (Assembly/Quality/Inspection), Bill Of Materials, Manufacturing Drawings, CMF Specs (Colour Material & Finish), RFQ Support, Packaging (Individual, Bulk Carton Etc).


Supplier Management, DFM & Tool & OTS Reviews, Low Volume Prod. (<2000 Pcs), High Volume Prod. (>2000 Pcs), Sourcing & Procurement (External Manufacturers), Gold Samples.
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