Developing real-world solutions to real-world problems.

We’ve spent years working side by side with our clients, refining the art of aligning a product to the needs of the market. We engage our experience with an open minded and inquisitive approach to tread to the edges of ours, and our clients’  comfort zone, to deliver products that delight your end user.


When we help you create a product that your market needs and wants, the rewards will always return to your business. Not only will you see these rewards in your bottom line, but also in a market that wants more of what you offer.

“Put simply, when we are designing, we’re solving problems, driving business growth and positively shaping future human experiences.”

Paul Miller, Co-Founder, Whistle Design Group.

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We employ a range of tools and research methods, working across areas including market & trend analysis, idea generation, product styling, ergonomics & anthropometrics, visual communication, prototyping & testing, manufacturing, technology, materials and intellectual property.

Problem Definition & Brief Writing

Market Trend Analysis

Research and Feasibility Studies

Ergonomics and Anthropometric Analysis

Human Centred Design

Creative Problem Solving

Concept Development



Aesthetic Design

3D CAD Design

Prototype Design and Testing

3D Printing

Design for Manufacture (DFM)

Colour, Material and Finish Specifications

Computer Generated Images

Product Visualisation and Animations

Product Walk-throughs

Compelling Presentations

Graphic Design

User Experience Design

“We take immense pride in solving real-world problems through the application of great design.”

Paul Connor, Co-Founder, Whistle Design Group.