$25,000 funding available in Innovation Voucher Program.

$25,000 IVP

Up to $25,000 in funding for R&D projects is potentially available to SME’s through Business Victoria’s Innovation Voucher Program (IVP). The program supports local and international SMEs to engage a selection of Victorian R&D service providers (including Whistle). Vouchers are now open for application, please see Business Victoria’s Innovation Voucher Program page for more.

Paul Connor
Paul Connor

An industrial designer with 16 years’ experience, working across a broad range of industries, from consumer product, food packaging, graphic and branding, to power tool and hardware. Paul has worked on a number of projects requiring full end-to-end design solutions allowing him to develop broad experience in balancing client-requirements with realistic deliverable results. With extensive travel experience to China and Europe, Paul has developed a large network of partners to collaborate with on these types of projects.