Industrial Design For Business and Start-ups.

Whistle is a specialist Industrial Design Studio.

Industrial Design Consultants.

We provide advisory consulting and project based Industrial Design Services and Product Development services to clients worldwide, from our studio in Melbourne, Australia.

We work businesses around the world developing innovative, meticulously designed and precision engineered products, devices and systems for their customers.

Our team comprises thoroughly professional, highly qualified and diversely experienced  Industrial Designers, Product Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and support staff. Together, we help our clients with all stages of product development, from initial briefing and discovery, through strategy and planning, design, engineering, prototyping, testing, production set up and management.

As a product development agency that specialises in Industrial Design and Product Engineering, we partner with specialists in the areas of Electronics, Patents and Intellectual Property (IP), Grants and Funding, to deliver our clients the a complete, end-to-end product development service.

As an Industrial Design agency, we work with clients in varying capacities, based upon their needs. We typically support clients undertaking product development activities who fall into the categories below:

Start Ups & Scale Ups.

Whistle works with Start-ups & Scale Ups helping them navigate through the product development journey and develop their product for first market release. We work with Scale-Ups to optimise their product for sustained market growth and ongoing profitability.

B2B Commercial.

Whistle works with technology driven businesses developing products and devices that focus on delivering world-leading innovation and creating unique offerings for their customers.

Consumer Goods.

Whistle works with global brands and manufacturers to develop innovation and create new, market leading developments for categories including Hand Tools, Power Tools, DIY Hardware, Kitchen, and Toys.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Industrial Design Services.

Whistle Design Group is proud to be one of the few product development agencies in Australia that is certified for ISO 9001:2015. This is a rigorous, internationally recognised standard that ensures our services and products meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system (QMS).

To achieve and maintain this certification, our studio and internal processes and procedures are closely and routinely audited by Compass Assurance Services in an independent evaluation process. This certification demonstrates our commitment to improving and streamlining our operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and developing a highly credible, resilient and future focused organisation.

Latest News.

CSBP Detect Wins 2 Good Design Awards in 2023
CSBP Detect Wins Two Good Design Awards in 2023.

The CSBP Detect has taken out two awards in the 2023 Good Design Awards ceremony.

Whistle wins Monash Business of the Year 2021/22.

Whistle was honoured to be recognised as Monash Business of the Year, 2021/22, at the Monash Business Awards Gala Dinner! 

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