Custom Tender Boxes for QUBE
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Custom Tender Boxes for QUBE

Tender Box

Working together with GRIT Communications, our latest project required development of a unique set of document delivery boxes for a significant tender submission within the logistics industry. The direction from the client required the tender boxes to look like a miniature shipping containers, suitable for carrying multiple folders & documents.

We provided visualisation of the concept followed by production design. Focus was placed on minimising weight, ensuring load capacity high enough to carry all required documents and maintaining the QUBE aesthetic.

The final design was constructed with an aluminium frame and corrugated roof cladding for the walls to achieve the corrugated look of full size shipping containers. Fitted with over-centre latches for security, foam lined, and finished in Dulux™ Lemon Yellow powdercoat.

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Lucas Lastman

An industrial designer with 13 years’ experience, working across a broad range of industries, from automotive, to consumer product, retail and packaging, to power tool and hardware. Luc enjoys working directly with clients to facilitate the solution process and tackle challenges early on in the process.